During the Amplify Accelerator, entrepreneurs learn how to develop the skills, mindsets, and behaviors that will allow their company to perform and grow to its full potential.

Amplify Accelerator will help you grow and transform your business.

In order to shape better entrepreneurs, build more resilient processes, and achieve lasting organizational transformation, Amplify Accelerator employs a combination of coaching, science, and technology. Find out how Amplify Accelerator can help your company grow and transform as a result of your participation.

What's covered?

Social Media

Content Strategy

Email Marketing



Legacy Building

Why this program?

We assist entrepreneurs in developing more productive habits by providing them with the tools and support they require to be successful in all aspects of their business operations. When entrepreneurs instill passion in their companies, they begin to develop processes that are stronger and more resilient. In turn, you cultivate a culture of high performance throughout your entire organization as a result of this development.

Experiences that are tailored to you and your data

The coaching and tools that each entrepreneur requires to identify their strengths, develop a growth plan, achieve their goals more quickly, and transform — both personally and professionally — are provided to them.

Increase your ability to withstand stress and perform better.

In order to help you grow in the areas where you need it the most, coaching taps into your personal motivations and values.

Increase your adaptability in times of change.

The scalable support system provided by Amplify Accelerator helps you develop the skills and mindsets necessary to thrive in any situation.

Year of Success on Clubhouse!

Since establishing Amplify in December of 2020, we have been able to offer trainings for our community members in order to help them become better entrepreneurs. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with the members in our community.


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Meet Your Coach

I have been creating brands and selling products/services for over a decade. During this time, I have helped countless business owners and entrepreneurs build businesses they can continue to scale. It has been a pleasure to work with everything from personal brands, coaches, children’s toys, candles, clothing, bakeries, pharmacies, and everything in between.

My passion for business, along with my keen interest in improving performance, enables me to provide coaching tailored to my clients’ personal and business goals. I understand that most business owners are racing to cross the finish line but are stuck in the present and not looking ahead to what the future holds.

I have become known for my direct style of delivering rocket fuel, actionable strategies that produce REAL results. I blend my entrepreneurial acumen and military leadership skills to create strategies for my clients to achieve their goals.

The bottom line? I am here to help you produce indelible results.

We value our Members
Let's Hear from them

These are people who have taken action and implemented the principles we taught them and will be teaching you.

I have like 3 pages of notes in less than 45 minutes.
Kierra - Productivity Coach
The information that you all have shared has helped me take things to the next level.
John Jacobs - E-comm owner
Learning loads and having fun! What else could you ask for?
Ashley - Marketing Agency owner