A step-by-step process to help you develop your very own six figure business.

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Who is the Six-Figure Blueprint For?

You’re feeling overloaded in your business and personal life, and you’re unsure of what steps to take next (or in the next 12 months)

There is a sense that you need comprehensive assistance in all aspects of your life and business, rather than simply the latest “hack” or “strategy” to make ends meet.

Having a group of like-minded businesspeople who don’t feel that company should be built on the back of a wounded ego can only lead to burnout and a lack of motivation in your work and personal life.

Success, growth, and profitability are all important to you if you want to build a business that both benefits your customers and provides you with a healthy return on your investment (profits).

Feeling good while your company is genuinely operating is something you want for everyone involved. You don’t think marketing needs to be nasty, and you don’t think you have to be pushy to obtain the next customer.

Meet Branden Lark

I have been creating brands and selling products/services for over a decade. During this time, I have helped countless business owners and entrepreneurs build businesses they can continue to scale. It has been a pleasure to work with everything from personal brands, coaches, children’s toys, candles, clothing, bakeries, pharmacies, and everything in between.

My passion for business, along with my keen interest in improving performance, enables me to provide coaching tailored to my clients’ personal and business goals. I understand that most business owners are racing to cross the finish line but are stuck in the present and not looking ahead to what the future holds.

I have become known for my direct style of delivering rocket fuel, actionable strategies that produce REAL results. I blend my entrepreneurial acumen and military leadership skills to create strategies for my clients to achieve their goals.

The bottom line? I am here to help you produce indelible results.

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Accelerate the development and growth of your business with Branden

By ensuring that processes are always carried out in the most effective and efficient manner, the value goes far beyond the coaching program.

Winning Mindset

Your thoughts have tremendous power, and they produce energy. Only by adopting a winning mentality will you be able to achieve your objective.

Experienced Guidance

Get valuable feedback and advice on your business, your marketing and strategies.

Focused Strategy

Determine the most effective method of providing your product/service to a certain section of the market based on their preferences and needs.

Increase Profit

Find innovative strategies to increase profitability.


Developing solid ties on which to rely as you continue your business-building journey.


Purposeful and deliberate decision to bring about change in an organized manner

Why this program, with this coach?

My clients say I get it, quickly honing in on the problem and creating a strategy for success. My vantage point isn’t just from that of a coach, I own and operate businesses across numerous sectors. This allows me to not talk theory but real time advice based on what I’m seeing on the ground levels.

Outlining Needs & Goals

A well-designed action plan may make it simpler for you to keep track of your progress and achieve your objectives. Make use of this strategy to chart a path towards success.

Building Strategy

I've had the privilege of assisting over 150 company owners just like you in developing their 6-figure blueprint strategy. Inadequate research and preparation results in rash and ill-advised actions that have a negative influence on the success of your company.


Even the most well-thought-out strategic plans might fall flat if they are not carried out properly. According to studies, 90 percent of businesses fail as a result of a misalignment between strategic planning and execution.


After the flurry of activity that occurs during the early planning phases, followed by the reality check of implementing your strategy alongside business as usual, strategy assessment is often overlooked. Fortunately, this is changing. The evaluation process is reviewing your strategy and determining how effectively you are doing it.

Program Details

This program is comprised of 8 weeks of coaching specifically tailored to assist service-based businesses. This program is only suggested for business owners who can commit to attending all of the sessions and who are prepared to make the required adjustments in their company in order to take their company to the next level.



In order to get started, you need to make a list of all of your current procedures. To begin thinking about process priority, generating a visual list may seem like an easy first step (maybe you already know all the processes).

For optimal benefit from this program, the small business owner should answer all of the questions in the audit with a positive or negative response depending on the severity of the issue.

  • Management Audit
  • Operations Audit
  • Financial Audit



The second week allows you to define the scope of the business. The parameters of your six-figure blueprint must be specified. In addition to setting process limits, the foundation gives information about your business.


Draw the Blueprints

Creating the blueprint requires a thorough grasp of the handoffs across departments. This week, we put what we've learned from the previous weeks into practice by showing which department or person is in charge of each step along the way.


Time and Cost

A baseline assessment is essential before establishing targets for process improvement. How long and how much time and money are your current procedures taking and costing? This week, we'll determine the criteria by which you'll measure progress.


Verify the Process

To ensure that your freshly developed blueprint accurately represents reality, get input from the right peers. Customer buy-in is built throughout this stage as well.


Apply Improvements

A systematic strategy to process improvement may be established utilizing techniques such as removing duplication, analyzing value-added activities, lowering cycle time, and automating operations. You can verify that all of your processes are delivering business value by carefully applying these improvement strategies to each one.


Internal Controls and Metrics

This next week is meant to help you keep track of your progress. Internal controls aid in the creation of instruments that improve a company's overall effectiveness, efficiency, and flexibility. As with many other things, business processes are susceptible to human error, thus it is important to develop metrics and automate as much of the process feasible.


Trial Run and Implementation

While free trials are meant to provide you the opportunity to experience a product before making a bigger investment, new business processes should be tested in order to address any issues and confirm that the new process satisfies your requirements before you completely replace the old one.

At this point, the new procedures are put into place. Communication with the correct individuals in this phase is essential. The new procedure is almost certain to fail if this step is not taken.


Drive Continuous Improvements

The maintenance period is here. With any luck, the new procedures have been put into action without incident. Ending with a new mentality, the last step is all about developing the ability to continually evaluate and improve company processes to guarantee their long-term viability and efficiency.

What my client says

Speakers Bureau

President & Business Consultant

Words can't explain my gratitude for the priceless life-changing coaching session. In a short amount of time, you spoke to the depths of my soul....that part of me that has been waiting to be unlocked. I know I'm meant for greatness beyond my wildest imagination. You not only provided practical steps I can start taking today, you also gave me the tough love I needed to hear to step into the highest version of my Self. As someone who gets paid daily to pour into others and bring out the best in leaders all over the world, this personal transformation will allow me to be an even greater coach. I am extremely particular about the coaches I surround myself with to avoid people who are fluff and lack the experience and wisdom to truly carry their words with integrity. You, my friend, are someone who embodies what a walking solid foundation looks like. Manifestation occurs when beliefs, thoughts, words and actions are aligned. It is no surprise that you manifest everything you want and more. Here's to more depth, impact, and fun together. Blessed and honored to have you in my trusted circle and I can't wait to see what unfolds for us, and more importantly, for our loved ones and clients around us.
Leadership Development Frim
Leadership Coach
I am happy to recommend Branden. I have worked with him for nearly a year and a half and the information, guidance, goals, vision, strategy, application, and integration have not only expanded my mind but my business as well. The ideas are always forthcoming, the information authentic and sincere and the results are real. Thank you, Branden, For your commitment to your clients. Your passion, knowledge, professionalism, and kindness are not only respected, but they are also appreciated.
Music School
When Branden works with a client he brings not only business skills, marketing expertise, and perceptibility in the fashion industry to the table, but he also puts his whole heart, mind and soul into the process. At the root of his work is an unwavering passion to see his clients succeed. This impressed me far beyond what I could have ever imagined from a coach. He was accessible at all times, able to answer every question, and handle each situation with the utmost care and professionalism. For any creative he is a strong firm, guiding hand, and the effects of his guidance have been quite far-reaching for us. He continues to be a friend and mentor, and I cannot recommend him highly enough to any type of business, not just fashion, in need of growth. He’s a marketing genius.
Women's Handbag Company
CEO & Founder
Had an incredible experience with Branden. He gave me marketing tools to keep my business fresh and exciting for my every-changing customer!
Women's Wear Company

Accelerate the development and growth of your business with Branden

By ensuring that processes are always carried out in the most effective and efficient manner, the value goes far beyond the coaching program.